‘Wine Country’ First Look
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‘Wine Country’ First Look

The first images from Amy’s directorial debut Wine Country have been released by People Magazine. We couldn’t be more excited to watch the movie! Wine Country is available for streaming starting May 10 on Netflix. Our gallery has been updated with the production stills that were released today, check them out below!

Wine Country is a comedy about long time friends going on a trip to celebrate a 50th birthday,” Poehler tells PEOPLE in the latest issue. “It is loosely based on a real trip that myself and the cast took, and it’s an attempt to show what deep and lasting female friendships look like.”

“In many ways the film is a long conversation between funny women who don’t mind making emotional deep dives,” Poehler continues. “They discover they aren’t connecting the way they used to because they aren’t keeping their relationships. It’s a love story to all the women in my life who hold me up, and it’s told by the funniest and deepest women I know.”

Source: People

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