2020 Election

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    Obama reminded us how important it was to support Democrats. I’m excited AMY POEHLER took that directive and endorsed me! Amy has consistently used her platform to #standup and empower women around the world. I’m proud to have such a strong advocate in my corner Thank you!
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    You made 5K voting actions happen! Raising hands As a THANK YOU, Tina Fey released the @meangirls movie cast reunion! Tune in now on @katiecouric 's IGTV to reunite with North Shore’s OGs and find out what other surprises we have planned for #MeanGirlsDay: http://bit.ly/MeanGirlsCastReunion.
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    Parks & Rec Cast Reunion Town Hall
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    Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Hillary Clinton, & Kamala Harris hosted a livestream to raise money for the Biden Harris 2020 presidential campaign, generating over $6 million in donations. Poehler and Rudolph talk about their experiences playing Clinton and Harris on Saturday Night Live. Amy has audio issues throughout the livestream.