Duncanville’s Amy Poehler and Ty Burrell would like to remind you that parents are people

In Amy Poehler’s Fox animated sitcom Duncanville, the actress voices two characters that are pretty relevant to her own life: a teenaged boy named Duncan and his mom, a woman named Annie. On-screen, Annie is married to Jack, a classic rock loving cool dad voiced by Modern Family vet Ty Burrell. In real life, both Poehler and Burrell are parents, so they understand Annie and Jack’s quest for sanity and respect in a world where, to Duncan, everything revolves around him. It ties into something that a lot of parents need to remind both their kids and themselves from time to time: That they’re actually people, too. They deserve respect and kindness, and they also went through what their kids went through at some point. We talked to Poehler and Burrell about that very struggle for the video above. We also talked to the pair about what they think is missing from the the role of “parent” so-often written into scripts, and what they’d do if, like Jack’s character might wish, they were able to program the classic rock concert of their dreams just for one night.

  • Added on: May 28, 2021
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