Amy Poehler sits down with Kate Welshofer (Most Buffalo)

When Ron Howard approached Amy Poehler about directing a documentary about Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, the award-winning actress (known for her hilarious roles on NBC favorites "Saturday Night Live" and "Parks and Rec") as well as her roles as producer, director and best-selling author said: Yes, Please. "Luci and Desi" premiered at The Sundance Film Festival. It begins streaming on Amazon Prime this week. Poehler returned to Jamestown on Tuesday night to attend a special screening of the film in Lucy's hometown at the National Comedy Center. "The hope of this film," Poehler told the audience, "is to keep alive the spirit of Lucy and Desi, and make people realize these people were incredibly modern, incredibly innovative, and there's a reason we're talking about the 70 years later." Before the screening began, Poehler took time to talk about the film, including the time she spent doing research in Jamestown, with local media, including Most Buffalo's Kate Welshofer.

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