Shortcut to Happiness

Character: Molly Gilchrest
Directed by: Alec Baldwin (as Harry Kirkpatrick)
Written by: Stephen Vincent Benet (story "The Devil and Daniel Webster"), Archibald Macleish (play), Peter Dexter &Bill Condo & Nancy Cassaro (screenplay)
Release date: July 13, 2007
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Running time: 1h 46min

Alec Baldwin, Anthony Hopkins, Kim Cattrall, Dan Aykroyd, and Jennifer Love Hewitt star in this re-imagining of Walter Huston’s The Devil and Daniel Webster – this time concerning a struggling writer who sells his soul to Old Scratch (Hewitt) in a desperate bid to find fame and fortune on the literary circuit. Shot in early 2001 in New York City, the film was plagued with financial difficulties and was shelved for several years. Yari Film Group eventually bought and released the film to theaters in 2007.

Cast & Characters

Virl Andrick (Dick), Ray Aranha (Mailman), Kaniel Arocho (Skateboard Kid #1), Jorge Arocho (Skateboard Kid #2), Mary Ashton (Production Assistant), Howard Atlee (Award Audience Man), Dan Aykroyd (Julius Jensen), Alec Baldwin (Jabez Stone), Gregg Bello (Rick Fusco), Amy Poehler (Molly Gilchrest)