Making It

Character: Herself / Host
Premiere date: July 31, 2018
Episodes: 14
Genre: Comedy, Reality-TV
Running time: 1h

From executive producers and hosts Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman comes a uniquely lighthearted competition series reuniting two of pop culture’s biggest BFFs and celebrating the creativity and craftiness in all of us.

In this competition, the most talented makers from across the country will take on a variety of handmade projects with the hopes of impressing Poehler, Offerman and our expert judges, Simon Doonan and Dayna Isom Johnson. Poehler and Offerman both share a love and passion of craftsmanship, albeit from different perspectives. Poehler is a self-proclaimed crafting novice who has long harbored a secret appreciation for those who can imagine and execute incredible things by hand. Offerman is a New York Times best-selling author in the woodworking space and is well known for his love for making a variety of objects himself.

Every show will revolve around a central theme that draws inspiration from hugely popular, nationwide trends in crafting and DIY, which the whole family can enjoy.

Each episode of the competition will consist of two projects that allow the makers to demonstrate their specialized talent, while sharing skilled insights and touching personal stories. First, the “faster-craft” round will be a timed challenge that will test their ability to not only work quickly but imaginatively as well. Next, the makers will move to the “master craft collection,” a one-of-a-kind themed challenge in which the competitors will need to use their expertise and get inventive in order to assemble a winning craft that fits the theme of that week.

Blending the atmosphere of a serene outdoor setting and innovative cinematography designed to showcase the beautiful craftsmanship at work, this friendly competition will focus on the character and camaraderie of the crafting community and through it all, Amy and Nick will provide heartfelt encouragement, guidance and plenty of laughs.

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Season 1

1x01 - You Crafty (original airdate: July 31, 2018)

Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman host a crafting series where incredibly talented people come together for a friendly competition.

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1x02 - Home Sweet Home (original airdate: August 7, 2018)

Rainbows, taco trucks, spaceships and more take center stage as the makers celebrate children's play with handmade forts and toys, and they share what was special about where they grew up with hometown terrariums.

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1x03 - Party Time! (original airdate: August 14, 2018)

The makers entertain Amy, Nick and the judges with scrumptious snack stadiums and a backyard bonanza, in which they repurpose and recycle materials to create themed party seating and matching outdoor games.

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1x04 - All of the Holidays, at Once (original airdate: August 21, 2018)

The makers race to create last-minute Halloween costumes using common household items before turning their attention to celebrating all of the holidays at once with front door displays for Valentine's Day, Easter, the Fourth of July and more.

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1x05 - Inside Out (original airdate: August 28, 2018)

In a celebration of the great outdoors, the makers bring nature inside as they create light fixtures made from natural materials; then they take the indoors out by transforming ordinary backyard sheds into unique personal spaces.

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1x06 - Happily Ever Crafter (original airdate: September 5, 2018)

The final three makers transform a real couple's wedding into an incredible handcrafted experience with personalized cake toppers and ceremony backdrops; Amy, Nick and the judges award the title of Master Maker to the competition winner.

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Season 2

2x01 - What Are You Made Of? (original airdate: December 2, 2019)

Ten new Makers join Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman in the craft barn to show off their making skills. For their first Faster Craft, they will make a physical representation of themselves as a food item. For the Master Craft, they’ll recreate a favorite craft from their youth.

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2x02 - Ordinary Home To Extraordinary Home (original airdate: December 3, 2019)

The Makers will craft projects for both inside and outside the home. First, in the Faster Craft, they will transform a plain, blank wall into an inspirational and artistic installation for the home. Then in the Master Craft, they’ll turn a standard mailbox into something with eye-catching curb appeal.

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2x03 - Best Friends (original airdate: December 4, 2019)

For the first time, the Makers will pair up in the Faster Craft to create a coordinated couple’s costume. In the Master Craft, they’ll each show off their love for a furry friend as they make a house for a special animal in their lives.

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2x04 - Wreathy Street (original airdate: December 5, 2019)

The makers race to create last-minute Halloween costumes using common household items before turning their attention to celebrating all of the holidays at once with front door displays for Valentine's Day, Easter, the Fourth of July and more.

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2x05 - Work And Play (original airdate: December 9, 2019)

In the Faster Craft, the Makers are tasked with transforming an ordinary cake from the grocery store into an extraordinary confection using candy and different cake decorating materials. And in the Master Craft, Amy and Nick take the makers to the office when they must decorate a boring cubicle and turn it into an inspirational workspace.

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2x06 - Hopes And Dreams (original airdate: December 10, 2019)

The Makers will create a piggy bank in the form of the very item they are saving for. Then in the Master Craft, they’ll tap into their inner child to design a fun and unique bedroom any kid would enjoy.

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2x07 - A Shed Hack Staycation (original airdate: December 11, 2019)
Makers must transform an ordinary tool shed into a dream destination, a space representing their ideal vacation get-away. It’s a good old-fashioned Shed Hack, “Staycation” style.
2x08 - You Made It (original airdate: December 11, 2019)

FINALE - In the last Faster Craft of the season, the final 3 Makers must create a three-dimensional party invitation that celebrates a unique occasion for a loved one. Then for the Master Craft they’ll have to design that exact party. The person who wins will be crowned Master Maker by Nick and Amy.


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