A Very Murray Christmas

Character: Liz
Directed by: Sofia Coppola
Written by: Sofia Coppola, Mitch Glazer
Release date: December 4, 2015
Genre: Comedy, Music, Musical
Running time: 56min

Bill Murray worries no one will show up to his TV show due to a terrible snowstorm in New York City.

Cast & Characters

Bill Murray (Bill Murray), Paul Shaffer (Paul Shaffer), Michael Cera (Jackie the Talent Agent), George Clooney (George Clooney), Miley Cyrus (Miley Cyrus), Dimitri Dimitrov (Dimitri Dimitrov), David Johansen (The Bartender), Rashida Jones (The Bride), Jenny Lewis (The Waitress), Amy Poehler (Liz), Chris Rock (Chris Rock), Maya Rudolph (The Lounge Singer), Jason Schwartzman (Elliott the Groom), Julie White (Bev), Thomas Mars (Chef)

Production Photos