Mike Schur on How ‘Parks and Rec’ Would Do a Coronavirus Episode
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Mike Schur on How ‘Parks and Rec’ Would Do a Coronavirus Episode

Vulture asked several showrunners and writers how their characters would handle social distancing. For Parks and Rec, they talked to creator Mike Schur and he wrote about how Leslie and other Parks characters would handle the whole pandemic situation. You can read it below!

First of all, Leslie would’ve known the CDC protocols for social distancing already, and they would’ve been instituted within 24 hours of the first reports of the coronavirus in America. A full-color poster explaining what people could and could not do would be posted on every lamppost and message board in Pawnee, and she would write a song with lyrics explaining what everyone’s responsibilities were going forward. Maybe it would’ve been set to a famous existing song, like “Imagine,” by John Lennon. But the lyrics would help people. And not make everyone angry.

Second, she more than anyone would recognize the importance of community. All town forums would be continued online. Zoom would be installed on everyone’s computers overnight. She would worry, though, about the lack of in-person contact, so she and Ann would have proper six-foot-apart walk-and-talks every day. If Ann swayed closer than six feet, she would be gently chastised, perhaps via spray bottle. Eventually, Leslie would invent some kind of wearable Hula-Hoop rig that would demonstrate how far apart they needed to be.

She would check in on Tom and Donna and April and Andy and 50 other people four times a day to see if any of them had a fever or cough. They would pretend to be annoyed but would secretly love it.

Ron would be thrilled because now there’s a reason for him to be alone with no one bothering him. But he’d worry about Leslie.

Source: Vulture

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