Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler cover the April Digital Issue of Vanity Fair
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Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler cover the April Digital Issue of Vanity Fair

Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler are on the cover of the April issue of Vanity Fair! In the interview, they talked about ‘Wine Country‘, SNL, their friendship and much more. Head over to our gallery to check out the beautiful cover shoot and read the full article below!

Maya Rudolph remembers the first time she met Amy Poehler. It was September 2001, and Poehler had just joined Saturday Night Live, where Rudolph was a cast member. “I walked into the writers’ room, and I feel like you were sitting on the table and everyone was just gathered around like, ‘Ahhhh, finally: Amy’s here,’ ” she says.

Poehler’s face twists in disgust. “What an asshole power move. Sitting on the table! I hope I was also urinating in all of the corners?”

The two women are nestled on a sofa in the cozy outbuilding of Poehler’s West Hollywood production company. The place feels like an eclectic museum—vintage flea-market paintings of naked women, Poehler’s Emmy statue, a snapshot of Hillary Clinton. The assortment of sanitary products and a breast-exam tutorial in the bathroom confirm this as a female space.

Sitting across from Rudolph and Poehler, I feel like I’m sunning myself in the glow of their mutual affection. They seem instinctively alert to every shift in the other’s emotional register, always ready with a gesture or word of encouragement. Whatever the opposite of resting bitch face is, that’s what Poehler has; she hovers in a constant state of twinkly amusement, mischievous but never mean. Rudolph is luminous; clad in a khaki-green shirt, pants, and coat, she has camouflaged herself to blend into the background.

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