Happy Birthday, Amy!
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Happy Birthday, Amy!

Amy celebrates her 48th birthday today and we would like to wish her a very happy birthday! We hope she enjoys her day in the presence of her loved ones and we hope for a great year ahead, full of new projects that we couldn’t be more excited about. Obviously Amy doesn’t have social media, but we can always try and send messages to Smart Girls in the hopes that she will eventually see it!

Amy, thank you for all the laughs and all the joy you bring into the world. You’re such a huge inspiration to so many of us and you keep making us proud of being your fan every single day. Thank you for having such a big heart, for helping people everywhere, girls, and especially for giving so many opportunity to women out there. We love you so much!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Amy
    From the guy who you tried to recruit 10 years ago but I wasn’t ready or I was just too scared.

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