Amy Poehler talks ‘Wine Country’ in interview with Wine Spectator
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Amy Poehler talks ‘Wine Country’ in interview with Wine Spectator

Amy Poehler recently talked with Wine Spectator about the inspiration for ‘Wine Country’, directing the movie and much more. Read the interview below!

For her feature directorial debut, Amy Poehler decided to head to Napa. The Saturday Night Live and Parks and Recreation star recruited an ensemble cast of her real-life friends who powered SNL‘s early-2000s renaissance—Maya Rudolph, Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch, Ana Gasteyer, Emily Spivey and Paula Pell—and loosely based the plot on a reunion trip they took to California wine country a few years ago to celebrate Dratch’s 50th birthday.

It may be a fictional comedy/drama, but Wine Country‘s backdrop is authentic Napa. Filming took place on location at Artesa Estate, Quintessa winery, Baldacci Family Vineyards and in the town of Calistoga. With the movie coming out on Netflix May 10, Poehler spoke with Wine Spectator associate editor Ben O’Donnell about the inspiration for the film, how to craft a wine joke, her ’90s adventures as a wine server at swanky Chicago restaurants, the perks (and buzzkills) of being in the director’s chair—and how to improv a wine review.

Wine Spectator: You wrote [in the book Yes Please] that wine was sort of in the house when you were growing up, and you associated it with being a grown-up. 
Amy Poehler: Yes! I grew up in Massachusetts in a tiny ranch house, and the dining room was always kind of cooler than the rest of the house, a little dusty, had your one set of fancy plates—and your wineglasses.

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