Amy Poehler Talks “Duncanville” with The Guardian
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Amy Poehler Talks “Duncanville” with The Guardian

Amy Poehler was interviewed by The Guardian to talk about Duncanville! She also talked about Parks and Rec, how Leslie would handle the quarantine situation we’re all in right now, and she revealed that the second season of Russian Doll is all written already. You can read the full interview in the press library.

In the week that I speak to Amy Poehler, three different friends have told me that they are planning to rewatch Parks & Recreation to distract them from what’s happening in the world. “I hear that a lot,” says the star of the show, the woman who played the irrepressibly upbeat civil servant Leslie Knope, for 10 years and 125 episodes.

Poehler is the kind of comedian, writer, actor and director who has plenty of “best known for” roles to choose from. She joined the cast of Saturday Night Live in 2001 and her and Tina Fey, who played the Sarah Palin to her Hillary Clinton, became the first female duo to flank the famous Weekend Update of the show. Then came Parks & Recreation, a workplace comedy that became so popular it was able to introduce a whole new holiday, called Galentines’ Day, into the calendar on 14 February.

Poehler is holed up at home in Los Angeles when I call. “One must try to be a good citizen at this time,” she says, Knope-ishly. She is happy to talk about the soothing effects of one of her most famous roles. “Leslie would not do well with quarantine,” she laughs. “She’d probably go a little bananas.”

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