Amy Poehler talks about her latest projects with Variety
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Amy Poehler talks about her latest projects with Variety

Ahead of the Women in Film Gala tonight, Amy Poehler talked to Variety about her recent projects such as Wine Country, Duncanville, and Making it. She also talked about Paper Kite (her production company) having different projects. Read it below!

Golden Globe-winning actress-writer-producer-director Poehler is receiving the Entrepreneur in Entertainment Award, which celebrates the ongoing achievements of an individual whose work nurtures the advancement of their female collaborators.

Poehler says she’s “delighted, especially since I’m sharing the evening with so many impressive women.”

And in Hollywood’s rapidly changing social landscape, Poehler has certainly noticed recent positive change.

“More women of color are telling their stories and more women are behind the camera,” she notes, as well as “the changing faces and broadening minds of the ultimate gatekeepers.”

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