Amy Poehler on the cover of The Sunday Times Style
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Amy Poehler on the cover of The Sunday Times Style

Amy is gracing the cover of the April issue of The Sunday Times Style. The new cover was unveiled today and it will be available this Sunday (April 21). During the interview, Amy talked about ‘Wine Country’, patriarchy, motherhood and much more. Our gallery has been updated with magazine scans, photos from the photoshoot and you can read the interview below!

“Wait, I know you!” Amy Poehler says, her face alight with recognition when I walk into the sunny Los Angeles studio where she has just finished Style’s photoshoot. “Where have we met?” I interviewed her, briefly, 12 years ago in her Saturday Night Live dressing room when she was a featured player, early in her marriage to the comedian Will Arnett; she was best friends with Tina Fey and her career was on a meteoric rise.

I interviewed her again in 2014 over the phone. She was about to win a Golden Globe for Parks and Recreation, the critically acclaimed TV comedy she helmed and starred in for seven seasons from 2009, playing the indefatigable bureaucrat Leslie Knope. She and Arnett were divorcing by then and they had two young boys (Archie, now 10, and Abel, 8). Poehler talked me off the ledge when I realised I’d forgotten to turn on my tape recorder, and helped me reconstruct our conversation from my notes. “That was the second time that happened to me,” she says. “The first was for High Times [an American magazine that promotes cannabis use]. The reporter was … under the influence.” She starts laughing. “They had a good excuse.”

Sitting on a leather couch in a corner of the cavernous studio, Poehler, 47, gives off an electric “let’s get cracking” energy. She described herself as a “plain girl with lots of personality” in her 2014 best-selling memoir, Yes Please, but in person she is almost exotic-looking, with her angular features, doll-blue eyes and baby- blonde hair. She’s promoting her new Netflix film, Wine Country, which she directed and co-stars in with fellow Saturday Night Live alumnae Tina Fey and Maya Rudolph. The chemistry of the trio was evident at the Oscars in February, where they opened the hostless ceremony to rapturous applause. “There is no host tonight,” Rudolph said. “There won’t be a popular-movie category. And Mexico is not paying for the wall.”

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