Amy Poehler interviewed by the Wine Enthusiast Magazine
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Amy Poehler interviewed by the Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Amy was interviewed by the Wine Enthusiast Magazine to talk about all things Wine Country! You can read the full interview below.

Amy Poehler is no stranger to humor on-screen, where she’s campaigned for Pawnee city council on Parks and Recreation, been a cool mom in the movie Mean Girls and co-hosted Weekend Update on NBC’s iconic Saturday Night Live. But her prowess doesn’t stop in front of the camera; Poehler’s also a talented writer, voice actor and producer. And, with her latest project, Wine Country, which premieres May 10 on Netflix, she’s making her feature-film directorial debut. The comedy was inspired by a tasting trip through the Napa Valley with real-life BFFs and fellow comedians Rachel Dratch, Tina Fey and Maya Rudolph. Here, she talks about exploring wine country and the advantages of working in good company.

Were you familiar with California wine country prior to that initial trip?
No, I’m from the East Coast originally, and so wine country felt as far away and foreign as the Czech Republic. [While filming,] everyone had a place to recommend, a vista to check out and a wine to taste. Unfortunately, I was directing, so I didn’t get to imbibe in a way that I would have liked. I will have to wait for the sequel.

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