Amy Poehler interviewed by the Los Angeles Times
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Amy Poehler interviewed by the Los Angeles Times

Amy Poehler was interviewed by the Los Angeles Times to talk about her documentary “Lucy and Desi”. She also did a new photoshoot for them! You can read her entire interview in our press archive and check out pictures in the gallery.

Actor, comedian and director Amy Poehler’s new documentary, “Lucy and Desi,” intimately showcases the spectacularly talented duo of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz as mostly told through previously unreleased audiotapes of the pair. With finesse and equal weight given to both sides of the team, Poehler envelops viewers inside the working and private worlds of the trailblazing entertainers.

“There are a million versions of the Lucy and Desi story,” says Poehler, “and part of the excitement of creating the film is that you can focus on what you choose. I wanted to show the world the human beings behind the icons.”

As an “I Love Lucy” fan I — and probably most people — thought I knew a lot about Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. What I didn’t know was how traumatized their childhoods were. And it was loud trauma without help. Is this something you knew going into the project or did it surprise you too?

No, like you, I didn’t know. It’s interesting discussing trauma; we look at that word, “trauma,” and it wasn’t a word used in the ‘50s and ‘60s. Lucy and Desi were of a generation where there just wasn’t a lot of discussion about what happens to you; how are you coping? There were no words connected to it. Even the idea of it being labeled as such, how things that happened to you might in some way affect you in your life was an alien concept that wasn’t around. It’s such a new idea.

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