Amy Poehler interviewed by the New York Post
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Amy Poehler interviewed by the New York Post

Amy was interviewed by the New York Post to talk about ‘Wine Country‘, her go-to hangover cure, her tips on the best wine and much more. You can read the two articles in our press library below.

The movie is maybe the unsnobbiest wine flick ever, which Poehler says is by design.

“There are a lot of films that celebrate the making of wine or the way it tastes,” she says. But here, the vineyard setting lends pretty views and encourages bonding. “There’s so many times in the movie where we don’t want to be told what we’re drinking. We’ll just shut down sommeliers completely.”

Returning to Napa and exploring wineries between filming was a good excuse to indulge in an old interest from her pre-fame days, when she waited tables in Chicago between improv performances.

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