Amy Poehler Covers the February Issue of Emmy Magazine
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Amy Poehler Covers the February Issue of Emmy Magazine

Amy Poehler is the current cover girl of Emmy Magazine! The article focuses on the many projects Amy currently has in development at her production company Paper Kite. You can read the full article in our press library and check out the cover and photos from the photoshoot in the gallery!

It’s frustrating, but understandable: they’re busy people. Amy Poehler — actress, comedian, writer, producer, director and author — is exceedingly busy. But she’s ready for this interview a half-hour early. A prior photo shoot ran extra smoothly, because she’s just that good at giving the people what they want.

Maybe that’s why she and Tina Fey have been tapped to cohost the 2021 Golden Globes (it will be their fourth go-round). “Those Hollywood Foreign Press, they get it right every time!” says Poehler, a Golden Globe winner.

After changing from her last photo-ready outfit into black leggings and a white sweatshirt with the word TROUBLE written across it, she curls up on a sofa in the corner of the photo studio and proceeds to be no trouble at all. She has such a generous nature — laughing easily, considering questions thoughtfully — that if she’s in a hurry to get to one of her myriad other obligations, she makes no show of it.

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