Amy Poehler and the cast of ‘Moxie’ on Entertainment Weekly’s ‘Around the Table’ Video Series
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Amy Poehler and the cast of ‘Moxie’ on Entertainment Weekly’s ‘Around the Table’ Video Series

Amy Poehler and the cast of Moxie recently sat down with EW to talk about their new riot grrl-inspired film — but Poehler is already making predictions for a Moxie get-together decades in the future.

“I look forward to when we’re all broadcasting from the moon 20 years from now, and EW is doing a reunion about Moxie,” the director says with a laugh. “Because I genuinely feel that this is a cast that we were so lucky to get together at this point in time.”

Poehler directed and stars in the film (streaming now on Netflix), which is adapted from Jennifer Mathieu’s book and follows a high school introvert named Vivian as she launches a feminist revolution at her high school. As part of EW’s Around the Table video series, Poehler reunited with her cast members Hadley Robinson, Lauren Tsai, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Nico Hiraga, Alycia Pascual-Peña, Sydney Park, Anjelika Washington, and Josie Totah to talk about Moxie‘s girl-power message.

“We know that this film is a YA film with big feelings and a big message, and at the end of the day, we’ve all talked about how it’s a human film,” Poehler says. “It’s about someone’s personal journey, it’s about friendship, it’s about love, allyship, all that stuff. But of course, the big theme is how the feminist movement has evolved through the years.”

In addition to swapping audition horror stories and memories of the film’s big dance sequence, Poehler and her cast reflected on how Moxie emphasizes the importance of diverse voices in the feminist movement and tries to take big concepts — like intersectionality —and make them accessible.

“I think that’s a taboo conversation that people are very fearful of saying, ‘I don’t know what that means,’ and then they just go along with it,” Pascual-Peña says. “It’s the human condition to not want to feel ostracized and not know what something means, so it’s powerful that we can have these conversations and debunk the fear and anxiety that goes around it.”

Watch the full episode of Around the Table below.

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