Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph cover the May issue of Parade Magazine
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Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph cover the May issue of Parade Magazine

Amy and Maya are gracing the cover of the May issue of Parade magazine, where they talked about ‘Wine Country‘. Check out pictures in our gallery, watch a behind the scenes videos and read the full interview below!

It’s hard enough to plan a weekend getaway with friends—and even harder when those friends are moms. That’s why longtime pals Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph have only been on two trips together.

One was a jaunt to Palm Springs, California, where Rudolph was bitten by a black widow spider and EMTs needed to be called. The other was a gals’ getaway to wine country in California’s Napa Valley that Poehler, Rudolph and a few other fellow female Saturday Night Livealums took for Rachel Dratch’s 50th birthday three years ago.

And the minute they all got on the plane together, “it was simply right back where we left it, the last time we were together,” says Rudolph, 46. By the end of their trip, they’d had so many laughs, running jokes and robust conversations, they started bouncing around the idea of making a movie about it. The result: this month’s new Netflix film Wine Country (in select theaters May 8; streaming May 10), directed by Poehler, 47.

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